Simon Eio Learning Lab will be organizing a special 6-Day Intensive Science Program for the Primary 6 pupils who are serious about getting the well deserved “A-Star” for their PSLE 2019

What is taught in this program?

The main focus for this Science Program will be on developing and fine-tuning the Higher Order Critical Thinking Skills (HOCTS) of the pupils. Pupils will be exposed to challenging Section B questions and taught the preferred way of answering in order to secure the full marks during the examination. Lessons will be fast-paced and pupils will be forced to think on the spot.

3 Basic Requirements of the Pupils:

  • 1. They must be well-prepared and have complete knowledge of the individual topics.
  • 2. They must be determined and willing to expose themselves to very challenging questions that will require Higher Order Critical Thinking Skills (HOCTS).
  • 3. They want an “A-Star” for their Science PSLE 2019.

Intensive and extensive coverage through the 6 days:

1. Accelerating the learning process and reinforcing theory 

Consolidation of all science theory in the form of mind maps and other visual techniques .

2. Solidifying your child’s MCQ technique

*Many pupils assume that MCQ are easy and the simplest of all question structures.
NEVER underestimate MCQs – they can be very TRICKY.

Learn from us the one secret tip that will garner you close to full marks for every MCQ paper that your child sits for!

3. Structured Questions Mastery

 Learning how to answer structured questions the RIGHT WAY.

Have you been answering these questions in the right manner? .

Question Keyword What you need to do*

State …
Write down …
Name …
List …

Answer directly and briefly. You do not have to explain. These questions usually
test for knowledge and memory recall.

Describe …

Give a detailed description

Compare …

Provide the similarities and differences between the objects given in the question

Classify …

Determine the characteristics of the objects and arrange them into groups of the
same characteristics

Explain …
Why …
How can you tell …
Give some reasons …

Give a detailed answer. Remember to include the cause (eg. “the light source
is further away from the plant”) and the effect (“hence the rate of photosynthesis
is slower and lesser oxygen is produced).

Sometimes there is a chain of causes / effects. Include these as well.

What do you think will …

Predict …

State briefly what you think will happen. It is not necessary to explain unless stated.

Identify …
Evaluate …

Analyse the data / figure and come up with the answer. Answer briefly

4. Learning and mastering the phrasing of structured Questions

Has your child been answering structured questions in a very inappropriate manner?

To sum up, PSLE Science Intensive Program is designed to reinforce all science theory, learn to approach MCQ in the correct manner and have full control over MCQ questions, and lastly to equip your child with the right tools and strategies to score well in their structured questions.

If your child is still experiencing these in the papers:

1. Barely getting a passing grade in MCQ / SQ
2. Lots of careless mistakes made in the MCQ portion
3. Writing 4 to 5 sentences in the SQ questions but not scoring a single mark
4. Often scoring only ½ to 1 mark for 2 mark SQ questions

We strongly urge you to send your child to this final intensive program. The program is designed to equip your child fully with the right mindset, theory, scientific keywords and answering techniques.

Make the final 3 months count.

Course Schedule

Lesson Schedule Time
17 June (Monday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
19 June (Wednesday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
20 June (Thursday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
24 June (Monday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
26 June (Wednesday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
27 June (Thursday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm

Total Course Fee:

For more information on program outline, kindly whatsapp or call us at 97116072

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