P6 Math Mastery June Holiday Program

Many pupils are finding it more and more difficult to handle word problems (especially those found in Paper 2) and therefore are unable to achieve a high A or A* in the SA2 and PSLE.

Our centre will be organising a special June holiday Program for the P6 pupils to help them overcome this bugging difficulty.

During this 6-day course, pupils will be taught the following:

  • To read a problem with concentration and understanding.
  • To “digest” the information in a problem and “display” them on flow charts or/and in diagrams
  • To focus on the problem type and structure by singling out the key concepts / key points / key steps of each problem and thereafter to choose the most appropriate method to solve the problem. [For example, problem type: internal transfer → Key concept: Total unchanged → Appropriate method: Make the totals equal]
  • To be trained in handling geometry and non-routine problems with disciplined thinking as opposed to rushing to solve them. The basic rules will also be revised.
  • To be given daily speed training on shorter problems during the course. This enhances speed and accuracy and builds good memory.


The holiday course helped me think clearly. I was able to connect the problem type and its method of solving well. The speed training was fun. The teachers were interesting.

Joseph Tong
Fairfield Primary School, A* in PSLE Math 2013

I love the way the programme was conducted. The methods taught were powerful.Thank you for helping me score A* in Math!

Calvin Lee
Clementi Primary School, A* in PSLE Math 2012. 2nd Top PSLE student in his school

I love mathematics. But after attending the math program, I love mathematics even more. Thank you, Mr Eio!

Kai Wen
Nan Hua Primary School, A* in PSLE Math 2013

Topic Covered

  • Repeated Identity
  • External unchanged
  • Number x Value concept
  • Constant Difference
  • Gap and Difference
  • Remainder Fraction
  • Part-whole relationship
  • More than / Less than (Model)
  • Division of Differences concept
  • Internal Transfer
  • Inverse Proportion / Direct Proportion
  • External Changed
  • Equal Fractions
  • Patterns / non-routine problems
  • Total unchanged
  • Even numbers / square numbers / odd numbers / consecutive numbers
  • Overlapping method
  • Simultaneous Relations
  • Average Out method
  • Angles (Constant Difference / Isosceles triangle)
  • Common Distance / Common Time
  • Triangle with Common height
  • Overlapping fraction
  • Cut and paste
  • Volume with Constant Height
  • Composite figures
  • Speed – Journey by parts / in opposite directions
  • Percentage by different bases
  • Algebraic Method of solving (for able pupils)

Course Schedule

Lesson Schedule Time
17 June (Monday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
19 June (Wednesday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
20 June (Thursday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
24 June (Monday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
26 June (Wednesday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm
27 June (Thursday)
12.45 pm to 2.15 pm

Total Course Fee:

For more information on program outline, kindly whatsapp or call us at 97116072

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